It seems only fit­ting to men­tion Tekken 7’ s PSVR-ex­clu­sive of­fer­ings here as an af­ter­thought – be­cause that’s ex­actly how they come across in-game. Head­set own­ers can choose be­tween VR Bat­tle or VR Viewer. The for­mer has you beat up an AI meat­sack in a sin­gle stage, in reg­u­lar third­per­son view: it’s an end­less, HUD-less, point­less af­fair that you’ll play once and then for­get for­ever. (Baf­flingly, reg­u­lar train­ing dummy set­tings aren’t even an op­tion here.) VR Viewer is a briefly in­ter­est­ing but ba­sic char­ac­ter model viewer, de­signed to show­case the de­sign­ers’ de­tailed work and let you get a closer look at the shiny new cos­metic gub­bins you’ve un­locked in the Trea­sure Bat­tle mode. Namco might as well not have both­ered at all.

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