The Cru­cible PVP mode was more than just a run­ning bat­tle be­tween two teams of six: it was a years-long war be­tween Bungie and its play­ers, too. A game played with ran­domised tools was al­ways go­ing to be sub­ject to a meta, and so it proved, with weapon archetypes ris­ing and fall­ing in the peck­ing or­der as Bungie sought to patch the game into a state of fair­ness. Shot­guns and sniper ri­fles were per­sis­tent of­fend­ers, how­ever, and it was only with Des­tiny’s fi­nal up­date, Age Of Tri­umph, that play­ers were fi­nally com­pelled to put them away. A change to the way sec­ondary-weapon ammo was ac­quired meant that sidearms, which give you a fixed amount of ammo when you spawn, came to the fore. Bungie’s so­lu­tion for Destiny2 is to class snipers and shot­guns as power weapons – the same slot as LMGs and rocket launch­ers.

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