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Poor Mark Cerny. The chief sys­tem ar­chi­tect of PlayS­ta­tion 4, who helped de­vise the checker­board-ren­der­ing so­lu­tion that meant PS4 Pro could achieve 4K on a bud­get, couldn’t even get his new game on Sony’s E3 stage. For all that PS4 launch ti­tle Knack has be­come a run­ning joke, its se­quel is a rare com­mod­ity: a first­party PlayS­ta­tion game that will be on shelves this year. You’d have thought its pub­lisher might have been able to spare it 90 sec­onds of stage time, if only out of re­spect for its creator. Es­pe­cially be­cause – whis­per it – it ac­tu­ally looks OK. Knack II has God Of War’s writer and ap­pears to have bor­rowed its com­bat tem­plate too, with a su­per move af­ford­ing our hero two swords for a spell of Kratos-style whirling com­bat. Par­ries, charge moves, and abil­i­ties that are only avail­able in co-op fur­ther broaden the scope of a game that looks to have more in its locker than its pre­de­ces­sor – even if that’s damn­ing with faint praise.

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