De­vel­oper Play­ful Corp Pub­lisher Mi­crosoft Stu­dios For­mat PC, Xbox One Re­lease Novem­ber 7


It’s quite a bold recipe. Take a hum­drum, charm­less, weirdly slow 3D plat­former that’s only even vaguely note­wor­thy be­cause of its VR com­po­nent. Now, re­move the VR bit, and make a se­quel to it. The re­sult, as you might ex­pect, is very lit­tle worth writ­ing home about. And that’s putting it po­litely. A trailer should, you’d think, show a game’s high­lights. On that ba­sis we as­sume that the tit­u­lar fox bounc­ing on a tram­po­line to col­lect a ver­ti­cal line of coins, hit­ting a switch to re­veal a plat­form two feet away, jump­ing a se­ries of small gaps, or am­bling through a side-scrolling sec­tion, are about as good as Su­per Lucky’s

Tale gets. At an E3 where Su­per Mario Odyssey rewrote the 3D-plat­form­ing rule­book to such stun­ning ef­fect, this never stood a chance.

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