De­vel­oper Good-Feel Pub­lisher Nin­tendo For­mat Switch Re­lease 2018


The trailer may have sug­gested that Yoshi’s Switch de­but was a hastily ported-over 3DS game – what with all those sim­ple tran­si­tions be­tween planes, and our hero throw­ing eggs at ob­jects in the back­ground – but there’s a lot more to Good-Feel’s lat­est. Com­plete one of the lev­els and you’ll be in­vited to play it from the op­po­site per­spec­tive. Ob­jects that were once in the dis­tance are now in the fore­ground, fuzzed out of fo­cus; mov­ing plat­forms are re­vealed to have been pushed around by sweaty Shy Guys; and pre­vi­ously un­seen se­crets are dis­cov­ered. Co-op puts a smart spin on the me­chanic: if both per­form a ground pound at the same time, the per­spec­tive flips im­me­di­ately. It’s a cheery, re­fresh­ing take on the Yoshi’s Is­land tem­plate which, af­ter all these years, was be­gin­ning to show its age in Yoshi’s Woolly World.

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