De­vel­oper Roll7 Pub­lisher 505 Games For­mat PC, PS4, Xbox One Re­lease 2018


Lo­cal-mul­ti­player fu­ture sport Laser League hooks us im­me­di­ately. Matches are the best of three rounds, and re­volve around tak­ing con­trol of nodes dot­ted around the arena. Run­ning near one ac­ti­vates laser fields in your team’s colour, evis­cer­at­ing en­e­mies who run into them. Each arena has dif­fer­ent laser grid-pat­terns, and ne­ces­si­tates a change in tac­tics – some lay­outs en­cour­age ag­gres­sive, pro­jec­tile-based play, while others re­quire care­ful space con­trol. Chang­ing classes and load­outs is a fum­ble at the mo­ment, as the in-de­vel­op­ment menus are a bit of a mess. But we soon find our favourites. Blade can dash-am­bush for a kill, while Thief steals cap­tured points, which we fre­quently blind­side in­com­ing foes with. We wouldn’t dub it the new Rocket

League just yet, but it’s been a while since a game of this kind has lured us in so quickly. A PlayS­ta­tion Plus re­lease could be just the ticket.

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