If the prospect of an­other hour­long run through Ar­cade mode seems too daunt­ing, you can tackle in­di­vid­ual worlds you’ve pre­vi­ously reached, or aim for a high score on Arena mode, which is ini­tially set to Ex­pe­ri­enced dif­fi­culty. On each run you’ll earn to­kens which can be used to un­lock vari­ants where the ac­tion moves faster, or where you’re set a time limit of four min­utes to amass a high score; an­other sees your tally in­crease only while your hu­man bonus is in­tact. Hit the chal­leng­ing bronze, sil­ver and gold medal tar­gets and you’ll earn 25, 50 and 100 to­kens re­spec­tively. There are var­i­ous ac­com­plish­ments for the truly ded­i­cated player: killing 10 en­e­mies with a sin­gle sword swipe, for ex­am­ple, or de­liv­er­ing the fin­ish­ing blow to a boss with a dash ex­plo­sion.

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