Game com­men­tary in snack-sized mouth­fuls, fea­tur­ing Ko­suke Yabuki


“It takes six months to cre­ate a sin­gle car. It’s over-specced for PS4 Pro. We are build­ing for fu­ture ver­sions of the con­sole, [not] the one we see to­day.”

Kazunori Ya­mauchi lays the ground­work for Gran Turismo Sport be­ing de­layed un­til PS6

“You know, some­times life isn’t fair. Things are more in­ter­est­ing like that, with the blue shells of life.”

Mario Kart 8 di­rec­tor Ko­suke Yabuki puts a pos­i­tive spin on the worst power-up in games

“Play­ers are very sup­port­ive of slav­ery, be­cause there’s money to be made. Peo­ple say, ‘Oh, it’s only a game.’ I’m sure in Ro­man times, peo­ple jus­ti­fied it a bit like that: ‘ At least we’re look­ing af­ter them.’”

Is David Braben talk­ing about Elite Dan­ger­ous, or a new Fron­tier over­time pol­icy?

“We’re driv­ing more and more of our mar­ket­ing away from tra­di­tional media and into the in­flu­encers of the world. And be­cause of that, you’re go­ing to see dif­fer­ent pat­terns in mar­ket­ing spend.”

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