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The things that caught our eye dur­ing the pro­duc­tion of E310



The Atari­box­box2017 ET:TheEx­tra-Ter­res­trial gave our younger selves night­mares for months, you know. And while it was noth­ing com­pared to the hor­rors that were vis­ited on the Atari ex­ecs who car­ried the can for the most fa­mous fail­ure in videogame his­tory, it does mean we’re a lit­tle cool on the com­pany’s new Atari­box. De­signed both to ap­peal to old fans while also at­tract­ing new ones, the new, HDMI-en­abled con­sole has a ribbed plas­tic de­sign, with a front panel avail­able in glass or clas­sic wood. The com­pany says the sys­tem will sup­port ‘cur­rent con­tent’ as well as vin­tage games; quite how that will work for a com­pany whose first­party soft­ware ef­fort con­sists solely of Roller­coaster Ty­coon is any­one’s guess, how­ever.

con­tinue Mur­der ace

Tokido, one of the Ja­panese Street Fighter ‘ gods’, fi­nally wins at Evo

In media Rez

Thanks to all who at­tended our Mizuguchi ses­sion at De­velop


Af­ter fi­five US trips in three months,m we are truly ready for a nice sit down

Splen­didSpl iso­la­tion

A mod­der fin­ishes the VR port of Alien Iso­la­tion

quit P$ Plus

A ten­ner more per year? Bet­ter get writ­ing in to Di­a­logue, hadn’t you

Stop mak­ing cents

Is there a com­pany left in games that Ten­cent

doesn’t own a stake in?

Serf war

You’d think free­lancers would take it easy on their ed­i­tors in Spla­toon 2

Ashes to ashes

Servers col­lapse at the first Poké­mon Go Fest


A Toy Story world for King­dom Hearts 3 makes sense, be­cause KH3 de­vel­op­ment stops mov­ing when­ever some­one looks at it.

Im­ran Khan @im­ran­zomg Se­nior editor, Game In­former To the in­di­vid­ual who tried to log in to the beta over 500 times this week­end, the wait is al­most over.

Luke Smith @this­luke­smith Game di­rec­tor, Destiny2 The up­side of an in­die hit has never been higher. The chances of mak­ing a liv­ing from it have never been lower.

Cliff Har­ris @cliff­ski Founder, Positech Games Can­celled a sea­side drone flight in Brighton be­cause set­ting down the thing on the ground caused the lo­cal seag­ulls to try and mate with it.

Rami Is­mail @tha_rami Co-founder, Vlam­beer

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