Senses High bit.ly/sense­shigh Guid­ing the reader’s eye around the pages of a comic book is an art: bun­gle it, and a story’s time­line is scram­bled. Gian­luca Sor­rentino’s game turns it into a puzzle me­chanic. You con­trol a hooded man run­ning from a SWAT team for rea­sons un­known. Scenes play out in monochro­matic ac­tion pan­els: left mouse clicks in one will move time for­ward in­side of it, while the right mouse but­ton re­verses the flow. This proves handy when try­ing to park­our over rooftops with­out be­ing spot­ted by snipers or he­li­copters. Re­vers­ing en­emy pan­els while ad­vanc­ing your own can ma­nip­u­late sweep­ing spot­lights, or goad shots into glass ob­sta­cles. It’s a sleek, smart con­cept – the prom­ise that it’s ‘To be con­tin­ued…’ would cer­tainly have us turn­ing the page, if it had any. We hope to see it fleshed out.

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