Can hu­man­ity survive cli­mate change? Yes, says Sooth­sayer Games’ Klaude Thomas, but at great cost. “We’ll blow through +1.5 de­grees within 15 years, and we’re not stop­ping at +2 de­grees un­less

we find a way to cool the Earth, on a mas­sive scale. A few years ago the World Bank sug­gested +4 de­grees was very pos­si­ble by 2100. MIT’s mod­el­ling in­cluded a worst

case of +7 de­grees by then and a best case of about + 2 de­grees. Any­thing over three de­grees en­tails the de­struc­tion of a sig­nif­i­cant pro­por­tion of all species on Earth. How­ever, we should prob­a­bly qual­ify ‘make it’. Do we think hu­man­ity in some form will survive? Yes, that seems likely. Do we be­lieve that the course we’re on right now will lead to enor­mous suf­fer­ing and eco­log­i­cal losses? Also un­for­tu­nately, yes. Our feel­ing is that if we have not turned the cor­ner by 2050 we will be fac­ing some pretty bad cases.”

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