Ul­tra Street Fighter II

Switch With the on­line player­base dwin­dling, Ul­tra is now largely a sin­gle­player pur­suit, and a quick blast through Arcade mode is now one of our favourite ways to wind down at the end of a long day. It’s as much of a puzzle game as it is a fighter, re­quir­ing knowl­edge of each op­po­nent’s AI rou­tines and how best to ex­ploit them. These are les­sons we first learned over 20 years ago, and still en­joy putting into prac­tice to­day.

Fire Em­blem Heroes

iOS It’s been a while, so we thought we’d check in on In­tel­li­gent Sys­tems’ iOS de­but. Heroes has come on a lot: it’s packed with things to do and gen­er­ous to a fault with its var­i­ous in-game cur­ren­cies. But that four-char­ac­ter party sys­tem, and those small sin­gle-screen maps, mean we don’t stick around for long. Un­for­tu­nately, struc­ture counts for lit­tle when the foun­da­tions that un­der­pin it are so drab.


Switch A slen­der launch of­fer­ing sug­gested Arms would fol­low the Spla­toon model of reg­u­lar, free post-launch up­dates, and so it has proved, with fi­nal boss Max Brass re­cently un­locked and a new mode be­ing added to Nin­tendo’s rangey on­line brawler. It’s an ap­proach that Nin­tendo is al­ready seem­ing com­fort­able with, then, but there’s one thing we weren’t pre­pared for: an ex­haus­tive list of char­ac­ter-bal­ance changes in which Nin­tendo pub­licly cops to its de­sign mis­steps one an­i­ma­tion frame at a time.

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