DarkMoon de­lights in re­peated jokes, and Luigi’s dif­fi­cult re­la­tion­ship with stairs is one of them. It cul­mi­nates in a se­quence at the end of the Haunted Tow­ers man­sion: to get to the boss bat­tle Luigi needs to as­cend a very long stair­case that com­prises many flights. Each fea­tures three sets of stairs, but only one will al­low Luigi pas­sage. If he picks the wrong flight, ev­ery step will flip into a sheer slope and he’ll help­lessly slide all the way to the bot­tom. The chal­lenge is to fig­ure out the clues that lead you along the cor­rect path, but even when you know, it’s rigged so that you’re bound to fail sev­eral times, and the fur­ther up Luigi gets, the fur­ther he has to slide down. It’s a joke that quickly gets an­noy­ing, then frus­trat­ing, but then, through au­dac­ity, man­ages to break through the other side.

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