Alex Pre­ston


You’ve since patched the game to in­clude a 60fps op­tion. Were you sur­prised to hear the com­plaints about the launch ver­sion run­ning at 30?

For us the re­sponse wasn’t un­ex­pected. If you pay at­ten­tion to fo­rums and NeoGAF and even Twitter, there’s a lot of stuff still about fram­er­ates – on any game. As a per­son who plays a lot of Over­watch, I have a 144Hz mon­i­tor and it feels great to play at those higher re­fresh rates. It was some­thing we had con­sid­ered pretty heav­ily. We felt very com­fort­able about our fram­er­ate, but there’s al­ways go­ing to be peo­ple out there that wish it was 60. There’s some in­ter­nal logic with the way Game Maker works and the way we pro­grammed the game that switch­ing out the fram­er­ate would have been a se­ri­ously huge change. But I al­ways wanted to push for 60, so I didn’t give up on it. And this guy Ju­lian, based in the UK, sat down for sev­eral months and made the 60fps ver­sion of the game. It was a lot of labour. But we ended up be­ing 60fps be­cause we cared.

It ac­tu­ally took us a while to ac­cli­ma­tise to 60 on a sec­ond playthrough.

Oh, yeah – for us, too. We’d been build­ing and play­ing the game at 30fps for years, and then to have that change, it was like, ‘Whoa, OK, this is pretty night and day.’

Can we ex­pect to see more of the Drifter?

As far as guest ap­pear­ances, I’m pretty tapped out on those. I try to limit that stuff, be­cause if I’m go­ing to col­lab­o­rate with a char­ac­ter of ours, I want it to be mean­ing­ful, or at least a pol­ished ex­pe­ri­ence. But who knows what can hap­pen in the fu­ture. As for an­other game in the Hy­per Light se­ries? Again, never say never.

Di­rec­tor/de­signer/artist, Hy­per Light Drifter

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