Game com­men­tary in snack-sized mouth­fuls


Game com­men­tary in snack-sized mouth­fuls, fea­tur­ing Bruce Stra­ley

“He’s a prop­a­ga­tor of de­spi­ca­ble garbage that does real dam­age to the cul­ture around this in­dus­try.”

Campo Santo’s Sean Vana­man, af­ter is­su­ing a DMCA take­down on YouTube megas­tar Pewdiepie’s Fire­watch videos

“When you spend as much time as we do to­gether, in the pres­sure cooker of cre­ative work and dead­lines, you re­ally get to know a per­son.”

Ex­actly, now for­mer Naughty Dog cre­ative di­rec­tor Bruce Stra­ley. That’s why we got rid of [redacted]

“I can be very cocky and very brash on so­cial me­dia. I’m go­ing to con­tinue to it­er­ate on this game… and try to be less of a dick.”

Cliff Bleszin­ski vows to change the habit of a life­time in a bid to save Law­break­ers

“You can’t retroac­tively say, ‘I’m re­vok­ing this li­cence be­cause you are racist garbage,’ or what­ever. That’s not how DMCA works.”

In­deed, Felix ‘Pewdiepie’ Kjell­berg. Ex­cept, you know, it ac­tu­ally is

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