Pro­vid­ing the tools for a game that will cre­ate and sus­tain it­self


The fu­ture of videogames, ac­cord­ing to Vondi, isn’t in de­sign­ing worlds: it’s giv­ing a sim­ple, yet ro­bust, sys­tem to your play­ers, and let­ting them do it for you. “Things get com­plex when play­ers get hold of it. We be­lieve in a hands-off ap­proach, in just let­ting this thing go nuts. We’ve seen things on the In­ter­net where peo­ple are given sim­ple tools, and go wild.” Vondi re­calls Red­dit’s April Fools’ ex­per­i­ment, ‘Place’, a mas­sively mul­ti­player in­ter­ac­tive art can­vas. “Peo­ple could colour one pixel ev­ery minute or so, and you’d just have this paint­ing go­ing ab­so­lutely AWOL. Those kind of things are re­ally pow­er­ful, and that’s what we’re re­ally go­ing for with Seed – try­ing to touch on that power some­how.”

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