As well as some of the best driv­ing in the busi­ness, Forza Mo­tor­sport 7 has made some great im­prove­ments to its AI. It’s not per­fect by any means, and your op­po­nents will reg­u­larly pile, en masse, into a first turn to cre­ate an un­avoid­able pile-up. They’re also prone to stick­ing side by side in an un­re­al­is­tic for­ma­tion for the ma­jor­ity of a first lap. But they make re­al­is­tic mis­takes, and in places you’ll likely find dif­fi­cult to master your­self – there’s some de­li­cious schaden­freude watch­ing your op­po­nent up front run wide into a gravel trap, or hav­ing a tus­sle with an­other driver and watch­ing as they end up wedged into a tyre bar­rier.

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