The three-on-three set-up, with char­ac­ters able to pop on­screen to per­form as­sist moves, may sug­gest a car­bon copy of Cap­com’s old MarvelVsCap­com tem­plate, but there are a few vi­tal tweaks to the for­mula. Most re­volve around that huge, sev­en­stock su­per me­ter: here there are EX moves, more pow­er­ful ver­sions of reg­u­lar spe­cials, that cost a chunk of your gauge. The tele­port and hom­ing dash also use a stock apiece. If you’re wor­ried about not hav­ing me­ter when you need it, re­lax: sim­ply hold down two but­tons and your char­ac­ter will power them­selves up, build­ing up the gauge at speed. In an­other de­par­ture from the for­mula, here the ac­tion re­sets when you lose a char­ac­ter and a new one joins the fray. Doubt­less de­signed to avoid the de­vi­ous set-ups many Marvel play­ers use on in­com­ing char­ac­ters, it’s also an­other op­por­tu­nity for Arc to un­mount the cam­era from its moor­ings and give you some more spec­ta­cle, the two war­riors surg­ing to­wards each other be­fore they re­set to neu­tral and the ac­tion be­gins.

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