Kirby: Star Al­lies Switch Now sport­ing a proper ti­tle, Kirby’s Switch de­but is look­ing promis­ing, riff­ing on many of the pre­vi­ous games’ best el­e­ments and adding new co-op plat­form­ing sur­prises along­side his en­emy-ab­sorb­ing an­tics.

An­i­mal Cross­ing: Pocket Camp

An­droid, iOS While three-hour timers on har­vested fruit trees and fur­ni­ture craft­ing are typ­i­cal mo­bile ti­tle me­chan­ics, Pocket Camp’s de­sign suits a se­ries that ex­tols the virtue of pa­tience. Giv­ing it a free pass on Leaf Ticket mi­cro­trans­ac­tions on ac­count of Tom Nook’s money-grub­bing per­sona, how­ever, might be a stretch.

LA Noire PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One This Rock­star-pub­lished po­lice pro­ce­dural wasn’t with­out its flaws, but the prom­ise of an open-world ‘50s LA on the move with Switch, or in 4K and HDR on PC and con­soles, is ir­re­sistible nonethe­less.

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