Pep talk


A new Party Chat fea­ture prom­ises to add some colour to roam­ing the lands of

Lost Sp­hear. Lo­cated on the right bumper, it’ll call an im­promptu pow-wow with your team mem­bers. The func­tion is par­tially a way to of­fer play­ers strug­gling to re­mem­ber what they should do next: ac­ti­vat­ing the func­tion will have char­ac­ters re­mind Kanata of the cur­rent ob­jec­tive, or a new area they need to ex­plore. But it’s also about get­ting to know your bud­dies’ back­sto­ries and mo­ti­va­tions in fur­ther de­tail and depth. Lu­mina ends her in­tro­duc­tion of the fea­ture with a sug­ges­tion: “Once in a while, let’s just have a nice chat.”

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