Try­ing goslings


Clearly, House House holds bird-based grudges. Our ques­tions turn up some chill­ing anec­dotes. “When I was maybe two or three, I got into a fight with a pel­i­can,” says Gille­spie-Cook. “I tried to kick it and it stole my gum­boot off my foot and ran away with it.” Strasser has also suf­fered some goose-ad­ja­cent trauma: “When I was lit­tle, my par­ents took me to a zoo in Mel­bourne – it had Aus­tralian na­tive an­i­mals in it,” he says. “I got chased around by this duck in this en­clo­sure. We re­alised I was just com­pletely dressed the same colour as it, my clothes and the cap I was wear­ing. It re­ally didn’t like me.” If we can’t make Un­ti­tled Goose Game’s vil­lages wear bird cos­tumes to trig­ger a higher ‘Rage mode’ dif­fi­culty, we’ll be dis­ap­pointed.

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