Unity wasn’t de­signed to be sim­ple, but it can still get eas­ier to learn


Taught in univer­si­ties and even schools, Unity is still many new de­vel­op­ers’ first experience of 3D game de­vel­op­ment, but get­ting started is still a daunt­ing prospect. Downie says that there are plans to pro­vide more sup­port to first-time users with tu­to­ri­als, and clearer ac­cess to sup­port ser­vices such as Unity Con­nect, where other Unity users of­fer help. “If you come into Unity on day one and are in­tro­duced to other peo­ple and have the tools to reach out to peo­ple in the com­mu­nity, that’s go­ing to em­power you as a cre­ator. You want peo­ple to come from hav­ing a no­tion through to some suc­cess; get­ting some­thing on screen that they feel good about, as quickly as pos­si­ble.“

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