Trig­ger un­happy


Just wanted to ex­press my dis­taste for hav­ing read the sen­tence “that the cus­tomer can­not pos­si­bly be al­lowed to have any con­trol over her own me­dia prod­uct in her own house” in Mr Poole’s piece from E314. Can you please call him and tell him to stop be­ing such a wimp? Oh sorry, did I of­fend you? I like my print cor­rect. Not po­lit­i­cally, though.

We’ve tried to talk to Steven, but he speaks a lan­guage so ad­vanced that we sim­ply can’t com­mu­ni­cate. We put the above to him, and only dis­cerned a sin­gle word: “Trig­gered”.

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