It’s been hinted at be­fore, and Me­dia Molecule is re­luc­tant to go into the par­tic­u­lars, but if you make your mas­ter­piece in

Dreams and de­cide you’d quite like to sell it, there’s a chance you might be able to in fu­ture. “What I will say is that tech­ni­cally, the whole thing has been con­structed in a way that things can be ex­ported,” Healey says. “Po­ten­tially, in fu­ture, some peo­ple could use this to make a PSN game, for ex­am­ple. That’s not some­thing we’re re­ally talk­ing about at the be­gin­ning – but it’s one of the long-term goals, in my mind. The prob­lem that arises is mak­ing sure that ev­ery­body that ac­tu­ally con­trib­uted to the game you’ve made gets cred­ited prop­erly, so there are some sticky ar­eas to tackle there.” Hope­fully, Dreams’ in-built ge­neal­ogy sys­tem, which tags cre­ations with PSN IDs, will go some way to ad­dress­ing the is­sue – al­though we imag­ine the game’s EULA will be a beauty none­the­less.

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