Mario Tennis Aces Switch The dis­ap­point­ing Golf Story may have made us lose our sport­ing-RPG ap­petite al­most as soon as it was whet­ted, but we re­main op­ti­mistic for the next game from Camelot. This story-driven tennis game will tide us over nicely while we wait for 2018’s true big hit­ters on Switch.

Hokuto Ga Go­tuku PS4 File this one un­der ‘no brainer’: a Fist Of The North Star tie-in de­vel­oped by the team be­hind Yakuza. The lat­ter se­ries has long of­fered a fine line in bru­tal com­bat; this hook-up with the head-squish­ing ac­tion of Buron­son and Tet­suo Hara’s bonkers manga is a per­fect match.

Fe PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One Zoink Games’ ethe­real puz­zle-ad­ven­ture will be with us this month, and its im­mi­nent ar­rival is noth­ing but good news for EA. It’s a timely, and sorely needed, re­minder that EA isn’t all about loot boxes and grubby moneti­sa­tion – not at this time of year, any­way.

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