Rat­tling cages


Nar­ra­tive-led ti­tles aren’t a rar­ity, even from large pub­lish­ers, so it’s un­sur­pris­ing Fares has an opin­ion on the likes of Tell­tale and Quan­tic Dream’s out­put: “Those games are too pas­sive for me. I would like to have more con­trol,” he ex­plains. “One could say that you con­trol the story, but while you’re do­ing it and af­fect­ing it, in a sense you’re not, you know? A Way Out is not about that. I think the com­par­i­son is fine from a cin­e­matic per­spec­tive, but not the way you choose your story. This is a hand-tai­lored story all the way.” So, he’s not about to try and make you Feel Emo­tion? “That’s not im­por­tant for me,” Fares laughs. “I just want to make peo­ple feel the game. If they cry or they laugh or they smile or they get an­gry, it doesn’t re­ally mat­ter.”

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