Be­hind break­able walls and hid­den tun­nels you’ll find the game’s tough­est mo­ments – or so you’ll think. Tucked away within each chap­ter is a mu­sic tape, and you’ll soon see why these are the most dif­fi­cult col­lecta­bles to reach. Grab one and you’ll un­lock a ‘B-Side’, a remix of the stage in which you found it, with new mu­sic and to­tally re­vamped lay­outs that make the orig­i­nal lev­els look sim­ple. At the other end of the dif­fi­culty scale, there’s an As­sist mode that lets you drop the speed by up to half, give Made­line in­fi­nite air-dashes or even make her in­vin­ci­ble. A warn­ing rec­om­mends you not to en­able these cheats on your first run, but it means those who suc­cumb be­fore they reach the top will still get the chance to look out from Celeste’s sum­mit.

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