Though the var­i­ous brawlers all han­dle ap­pre­cia­bly dif­fer­ently, it’s telling that the most mem­o­rable and dis­tinc­tive char­ac­ter de­signs aren’t the de­vel­oper’s own – the epony­mous hero from Heart Ma­chine’s won­der­ful Hy­per Light Drifter and Gua­camelee pro­tag­o­nist Juan Agua­cate be­ing the clear stand­outs. In fact, the for­mer seems hi­lar­i­ously over­pow­ered, his rangy side-spe­cial dou­bling as a dash if you’re too close to an op­po­nent, let­ting you re­po­si­tion for an easy hit. It’s an­other irk­some flaw in a game lit­tered with them.

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