Don’t dream it’s over


Af­ter 20 years and five prior out­ings, Soul­cal­ibur 6 will mark the se­ries’ first ap­pear­ance on PC. It’s well-tuned to im­press those with a more tech­ni­cal eye wait­ing in that plat­form’s ranks, too, such is the de­vo­tion at Project Soul to main­tain­ing that Teflon-smooth, Dream­cast-es­que per­for­mance and round­ing off every polyg­o­nal edge. The game’s most re­cent pre­view build ap­pears rock solid through­out each bout, re­gard­less of how many Un­real En­gine 4 ef­fects are blos­som­ing and com­bust­ing on-screen. Through some clever alchemy – per­haps thanks to fewer post­pro­cess­ing ef­fects – Soul­cal­ibur VI looks every bit the 2018era Dream­cast game that ex­ists only in your head.

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