Ball bear­ing


Early on, Villa Go­rilla con­sid­ered a va­ri­ety of de­sign con­cepts, even­tu­ally set­tling on pin­ball for prag­matic rea­sons: its avatar was a ball, and it didn’t have an animator on the team. “We do now, though!” An­der­s­son laughs. “But that was a fun joke that stuck with us – we could take it quite far with­out adding re­sources to the team.” Yet as an ad­ven­ture, rather than an ac­tion game, it soon needed a new lead; it was stu­dio co-founder Mat­tias Snygg who sug­gested a dung bee­tle. “We liked that be­cause, well, it’s un­der­used in videogames. But it also has some­thing that adds to this game. We’re play­ing with scale – you’re this tiny char­ac­ter com­ing into this big world, and when we teth­ered him to the ball with a rope, it be­came kind of comedic.”

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