As a re­sult of a hur­riedly deleted tweet and a his­tory of pro­duc­ing li­cenced Sega-branded con­soles, it was as­sumed that man­u­fac­turer AtGames would be mak­ing Sega’s Mega Drive Mini, though af­ter the project was de­layed it be­came less clear they’re still in­volved. “It’s go­ing to be cool to see what Sega does, but AtGames is the worst fuck­ing com­pany of all time,” says Taber. “Ev­ery­thing they make is le­git fuck­ing garbage. I don’t even know how peo­ple buy shit like that.” But, he be­lieves, Nin­tendo’s Clas­sic con­soles have raised the bar. ”And that gives jus­tice and re­spect to the prod­uct.” Be­sides, for Taber, good qual­ity em­u­la­tion means more play­ers learn­ing to ap­pre­ci­ate high fidelity, and more who will un­der­stand and buy into Ana­logue’s vi­sion.

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