Ubisoft’s Nin­tendo con­nec­tion has come up trumps again. It’s not quite ac­cu­rate to call Fox McCloud’s Switch-ex­clu­sive Star­link ap­pear­ance a cameo – he and the Star Fox crew have a mini-cam­paign all of their own. In it, you must chase down Wolf across the galaxy in a series of mis­sions that fre­quently out­class those in the main story. Ev­ery char­ac­ter is faith­fully writ­ten and acted, Fox’s in­ter­ac­tions with the main cast pro­vide a wel­come bit of fun to a lack­lus­tre script, and call­ing in backup for Fox’s su­per abil­ity even plays the Corne­ria theme. All told, it’s one of the best Star Fox games in a long time, and makes Star­link well worth a punt for the su­per­fans.

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