A gog­gle-eyed chameleon is hid­den within each stage: find it and you’ll un­lock one of over two dozen chal­lenges. Some are rudi­men­tary ‘beat the boss with­out get­ting hit’ tasks, but oth­ers are more in­ven­tive. The very first gives you a minute to fin­ish a stage by bounc­ing on tram­po­lines to the fin­ish. Later, you’ll be asked to ne­go­ti­ate a claus­tro­pho­bic un­der­wa­ter gaunt­let with­out touch­ing the elec­tri­cal haz­ards around the edges. An­other sees you leap­ing be­tween float­ing leaves to climb a tree, grab­bing rings to beat a tar­get score. Suc­cess earns you gold and sil­ver ro­bots to add to your crew, which you can find along­side a crane-grab­ber ma­chine in­side your ship. These gachapon con­tain parts of a series of themed 360-de­gree dio­ra­mas for Astro to romp around: es­sen­tially the most ex­pen­sive, elab­o­rate ham­ster runs you’ve ever seen.

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