Lick of paint


The newly ag­ile Licker is the poster child for Cap­com’s ef­forts to re­vive Res­i­dent Evil 2 with­out sim­ply warm­ing it over. In the orig­i­nal game, it’s in­tro­duced as a wall­crawler but only ever fights you on the ground. “We couldn’t im­ple­ment an ac­tual bat­tle with it scur­ry­ing across the walls for tech­nol­ogy and time rea­sons,” Kazunori Kadoi re­calls. “It would have been too dif­fi­cult to fight with the stopand-shoot con­trols and too dif­fi­cult to pro­gram.” Twenty years later, a ju­nior pro­gram­mer has taken it on him­self to fin­ish the job. “Maybe a vet­eran would never have had that idea,” Kadoi ob­serves. “Be­cause in their mind the Licker is what it was. It takes the ‘not know­ing what you can’t do’ ap­proach of the younger guys.”

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