Meet the new boss


When we first see Yagami, he’s a cock­sure lawyer, all sharp suits and slicked-back hair. Three years on, he’s a tou­sle-haired leather­jack­eted pri­vate eye. So what drives him? “Well, I don’t want to spoil the game, but he has no in­ter­est in re­turn­ing to his ca­reer as a lawyer,” Nagoshi tells us. “How­ever, he has a pow­er­ful sense of jus­tice, and while he doesn’t out­right say it, he wants to help peo­ple.” Sounds like some­one we know, though as Nagoshi elab­o­rates, he’s less sure of him­self than Kiryu. “The story starts at a point in his life where he has no strong ideas about what he should or wants to do. This is a bit un­usual for a videogame pro­tag­o­nist, but this be­gin­ning makes his char­ac­ter arc all the more emo­tional.”

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