Fa­mil­iar ring


The in­ti­macy of VR is well-suited to the RPG genre, it turns out. “A suc­cess­ful RPG of­ten gives you the sense of close­ness to your char­ac­ter,” Ge says.

Nos­tos’ in­ven­tory sys­tem is an ex­cel­lent in­ter­pre­ta­tion of this: you ac­cess weapons, tools, craft­ing and build­ing blue­prints via a menu wheel sit­u­ated on the back of your in-game hand. You se­lect a sword or and axe to sum­mon the ob­ject, then hang it on your belt once you’re done. “Be­ing able to look down at your wrist com­puter, in­stead of go­ing to a sep­a­rate screen, or re­turn­ing a weapon to your in­ven­tory by ‘hol­ster­ing’ it – that’s a dif­fer­ent feel­ing and it’s in­ter­est­ing to play with,” Ge says.

It’s a very neat bit of de­sign in­deed, man­ag­ing to feel as nat­u­ral as it looks sci-fi. By the end of the demo, we feel as if we know our in­ven­tory like the back of… well, you know.

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