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CON­FES­SIONS: I’ve been think­ing about that word this month. We’ve been film­ing a video se­ries in part­ner­ship with soft­ware provider Con­sole that has had a work­ing ti­tle of the same name. The premise is that ‘ev­ery real es­tate agent has a story’ and more than likely has learned some­thing from it, so we de­cided to test this out on some well­known peo­ple in the in­dus­try. Film­ing was an ex­tremely fun ex­pe­ri­ence; we laughed at some of the hi­lar­ity, were in awe of some of the things peo­ple had to go through and there was even a mo­ment or two (thanks, Hay­ley Mitchell and Jess Kindt) where I was close to shed­ding a tear or two. That’s real es­tate.

So, speak­ing of con­fes­sions I have a few of my own.

Con­fes­sion Num­ber 1: Ev­ery time I meet Tom Panos I get a lit­tle starstruck The Oc­to­ber 2015 is­sue was themed ‘tech­nol­ogy’ af­ter vis­it­ing the In­man con­fer­ence in San Fran­cisco last year; then there was our 2020 round ta­ble re­port. The theme for Oc­to­ber has stuck, and this year we wanted to go one bet­ter, with a real deep dive into the one thing that is con­stantly shap­ing and chang­ing our in­dus­try. So it was nec­es­sary to choose a cover who is out­stand­ing at tech­nol­ogy; and I think no one does it bet­ter than Tom. Tom reaches a big­ger au­di­ence in one Sun­day night than some broad­cast TV shows, and he does it us­ing world-class tools, speak­ing from the heart and truly hav­ing pas­sion for what he does.

When I in­ter­viewed Tom, I did get a few of the one-liners that we all know and love – but I also got a guy who is au­then­tic, down to earth and, no mat­ter what you per­ceive of the ex­ter­nal per­sona or the odd f-bomb he hap­pens to drop in a Face­book meme, gen­uinely wants what is best for his coach­ing clients and the in­dus­try. He has a wicked sense of hu­mour and was a great sport at the photo shoot. And I had no idea that real es­tate has been his only line of work since the age of 18. Ev­ery an­swer was in­tense, thought­ful and con­sid­ered. I hope you en­joy read­ing more about the man as well as learn­ing what works for him with tech­nol­ogy. Con­fes­sion Num­ber 2: I hated cold call­ing, but there was no way around it I used to be in sales. I worked my way up till I was sell­ing multi-mil­lion dol­lar deals to big com­pa­nies, but it didn’t start there. I started on the phones back in the 90s, cold call­ing peo­ple who might want to buy a mo­dem. And I hated it. I felt I was un­nec­es­sar­ily in­ter­rupt­ing peo­ple from their busy days and, even though I had a great and rel­e­vant prod­uct to sell, I was never con­fi­dent be­cause I never knew what IT cri­sis might be on the other end of the line.

But what if you never had to cold call again? That is the premise of the round ta­ble we did this year with the team at CoreLogic, who have de­vel­oped some amaz­ing new ser­vices. Com­bined with the right con­tent mar­ket­ing plus a few of Tom’s at­trac­tion agent strate­gies, it se­ri­ously might mean you never have to cold call again. I can hear col­lec­tive sighs of re­lief for some peo­ple, but I can also sense a bit

If they think we’ve got the best mag­a­zine, it stands to rea­son that the peo­ple we are writ­ing about must be pretty damn good too.

of fear out there; I know it’s hard, but if you can un­der­stand it and use it to your ad­van­tage there is no need to be scared.

Con­fes­sion Num­ber 3: I was scared, but I’m glad I pushed on In the last cou­ple of years I have had so many mo­ments of fear. You know that mo­ment in Masterchef where the con­tes­tants pretty much put their hearts on a plate wait­ing to see if the judges like their food? The sweaty palms, the rac­ing pulse, the down­right anx­i­ety we cre­ate for our­selves wait­ing for some­one else’s ap­proval (Tom did talk about how to get around this) – that’s how I feel ev­ery time we press the ‘Print’ but­ton. I re­mem­ber back to Is­sue 1 when IPMG (our printer) de­liv­ered a sam­ple box to my home. It was about 2pm and I stared at the box for three hours or so un­til my then 12-year-old daugh­ter got home from school, and then I made her open it and pull a mag­a­zine out for me! I al­most didn’t want to know what the mag­a­zine looked like, I was so scared.

It all sounds a bit silly now, es­pe­cially af­ter what hap­pened a cou­ple of weeks ago when our small but per­fect team won ‘Busi­ness Mag­a­zine of the Year’ at the Pub­lish/Mum­brella awards; some­thing I would have never dreamt pos­si­ble, at least not in only our sec­ond year. Our fel­low fi­nal­ists, In the Black, Acu­ity and Aus­traliasian Lawyer, are well-known and re­spected mag­a­zines pub­lished by big pub­lish­ing houses – Bauer Me­dia, Key Me­dia and the In­sti­tute of Char­tered Ac­coun­tants them­selves. Be­lieve me, we were hon­oured and a bit scared to be in such dis­tin­guished com­pany. I couldn’t quite be­lieve it when they read our name out: it was one of those mo­ments that are pretty sur­real. By the time they got to our cat­e­gory I had pretty much set­tled in for the night (another con­fes­sion: I’d had a few wines and was happy just to be there – I didn’t ex­pect to be get­ting up!).

I am so proud of our team and this mag­a­zine – and I truly be­lieve this is a win for the real es­tate in­dus­try as much as any­one. If they think we’ve got the best mag­a­zine, it stands to rea­son that the peo­ple we are writ­ing about must be pretty damn good too. So to our read­ers, ad­ver­tis­ers, spon­sors and con­trib­u­tors, this one is for you. Thank you; it is truly an hon­our to be of ser­vice to you all.

Oh and PS - I hope you en­joy our in­dus­try ‘con­fes­sions’ out late Oc­to­ber 2016. Check eliteagent. com.au/con­fes­sions for de­tails.

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