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Top coach Clau­dio Encina re­turns in 2017 with more of your mind­set and per­for­mance ques­tions – in­clud­ing valu­able ad­vice on win­ning list­ings and how to fin­ish those nec­es­sary prospect­ing calls, even when you don't want to!

I’ve re­cently missed a few list­ings – any tips to im­prove my list­ing pre­sen­ta­tion? Mele Gong, Pro­fes­sion­als Kog­a­rah I read about a year ago some in­ter­est­ing stats from Google in the United States on ‘How do peo­ple choose their agent to sell their home?' Ba­si­cally, peo­ple want to work with you for three rea­sons: they feel com­fort­able, like and trust you. Be­low are the stats in or­der of im­por­tance. • Trust 49% • Track Record/re­sults/

cred­i­bil­ity 15% • Ne­go­ti­a­tion 13.2% • Per­sonal re­fer­ral 11.8% • Work fast 8.4% • Brand 2.5%

As you can see, your suc­cess will be de­ter­mined by your abil­ity to com­mu­ni­cate ef­fec­tively with oth­ers. ‘So­cial in­tel­li­gence', or the abil­ity to in­ter­act, con­verse, ne­go­ti­ate with and per­suade oth­ers, is the most highly paid and re­spected form of in­tel­li­gence you can have. You will need to learn to be a warm, friendly, lik­able and charm­ing in­di­vid­ual who can con­nect with your clients. Rap­port opens doors!

One of the most valu­able com­modi­ties in the world isn't gold or di­a­monds; it's charm. The more peo­ple like you and think warmly of you, the more they will want to see you, lis­ten to you, be in your pres­ence and in­vite you into theirs. Peo­ple buy peo­ple! to serve us: some­thing must change.

There are dif­fer­ent types of feel­ings that we re­ceive. The key is to han­dle them as fol­lows: 1. Iden­tify that this is a sig­nal to change your ‘state' Ap­pre­ci­ate and know that the feel­ing is here to serve you Clar­ify what you want De­cide what process or pro­ce­dure you will take to elim­i­nate this feel­ing (ac­tion steps). Let's take the ex­am­ple of you do­ing your 50 calls a day. How do you feel when you don't make the calls? I would say per­haps you feel guilty or even an­gry. Why? Be­cause you have vi­o­lated one of your stan­dards. You see, we all have a set of stan­dards within us re­gard­ing our work, health, re­la­tion­ships, fam­ily, and so on. By not mak­ing your 50 di­als you have vi­o­lated one of your high stan­dards and that is why you start to feel guilty or an­gry at your­self.

So how do you get the power back and master your feel­ings and emo­tions? I would rec­om­mend us­ing this ex­er­cise to re­solve them. 1. It's a sig­nal; some­thing must change (gotta do the calls!) This feel­ing of guilt is here to serve me Clar­ify what you want (a feel­ing of power and be­ing in con­trol of my day) What is the process or pro­ce­dure you will take to elim­i­nate this feel­ing? (Do my 50 di­als, be­cause I recog­nise the feel­ing and state I want to achieve: a happy state). It's that sim­ple if you ap­ply the above and be­come more 2.

3. 4. 2. 3. 4. con­scious of your state of self­aware­ness. The peak per­form­ers are very in tune with their self aware­ness and have sup­port struc­tures, es­pe­cially around their mind­set, to con­quer any­thing.

To be­come a black belt in mar­tial arts is about mas­ter­ing just eight moves, not 30 or 1000.

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