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A good way to show re­spect and keen­ness is to demon­strate that you know the per­son you are meet­ing. Read their pro­file and look at some of the work they have done re­cently. Are they an award win­ner? All of this in­for­ma­tion will not only serve you bet­ter in an in­ter­view but will also demon­strate whether there is a clear align­ment with you both as peo­ple.

In the same way, know the size of the busi­ness, have a look at the avail­able list­ings and un­der­stand the target de­mo­graphic of the com­pany as well as the style of the agency. For ex­am­ple, are they mod­ern and in­no­va­tive with a fo­cus on so­cial me­dia, or more

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