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Joel Hood has been in real es­tate for just three and a half years, and is now writ­ing close to $1m in com­mis­sion. Carman, as sell­ing prin­ci­pal, writes just over the $1m mark. In ad­di­tion to win­ning Di­rec­tor and Sales­per­son of the Year, both also won group awards for high­est GCI in a sin­gle month (Di­rec­tor and Sales­per­son).

Given that es­sen­tially they are sep­a­rate busi­nesses within the same of­fice, first up I want to know how it all works. Says Hood, “From the first con­ver­sa­tion we had about me com­ing across to Eview, it was in­ter­est­ing, be­cause Jar­rod was my main com­peti­tor, but it was the pos­i­tive feed­back and see­ing him win list­ings un­op­posed that also at­tracted me to join him in his of­fice.”


While Hood wasn’t keen on tak­ing on some­thing the size of Carman’s busi­ness, which in­cludes prop­erty man­age­ment, hav­ing his own recog­nis­able brand was ap­peal­ing. “Be­ing able to brand my­self and have peo­ple in my area who know me with my brand and my mar­ket­ing, el­e­ments that en­com­pass who I am, was def­i­nitely an­other thing that at­tracted me to Eview Group. With their model, I can run a busi­ness and con­tinue to prospect, list and sell, with­out hav­ing all the ex­tra man­age­ment that goes along with it.”

Even Carman ad­mits that Hood looks like his own brand and that the two of them have on oc­ca­sion been in­vited to the same list­ing pre­sen­ta­tions. “We’ve had the same agents go into an ap­praisal to com­pete for the busi­ness; so it’s in­ter­est­ing at times, with a lot of frank con­ver­sa­tions!” laughs Carman.

“But for some­one like Joel, who was al­ways go­ing to be a gun – our set-up gives him the abil­ity to run his own busi­ness group with­out the has­sle of run­ning his own busi­ness.” And, like a good leader, Carman adds, “I like to sup­port guys like Joel, be­cause [laughs] then it’s not all about the ‘Jar­rod Carman show’.”

“I can’t imag­ine try­ing to do it on my own again. I was writ­ing some big num­bers, but it was just car­nage.” - Jar­rod Carman


So what hap­pens when a lead comes through the door that’s on more than one per­son’s data­base? Hood says it’s all about com­mu­ni­ca­tion. “With leads that come in, most are ei­ther look­ing for me or look­ing for Jar­rod. We work out what is best for the client and both our busi­nesses. You get some peo­ple who are like dogs around a bowl, fight­ing each other for the list­ing or the sale. It’s open with us; we al­ways help each other out.”

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