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TANEY JAIN NEVER EX­PECTED a ca­reer in real es­tate and thought he would end up driv­ing trucks for a liv­ing. But a series of events steered him along a road that has proved highly suc­cess­ful for him, hav­ing just won the Tom Panos ‘My Prospec­tor' calling chal­lenge, mak­ing 2,200 calls in a sin­gle month.

Taney Jain al­most didn’t make it to real es­tate. Af­ter a few years of be­ing a door to door sales­man, he had ev­ery in­ten­tion of switch­ing his ca­reer to be­come a truck driver. He passed the the­ory test, but had to forgo the prac­ti­cal ex­am­i­na­tion when he fell ill. “I called up the driv­ing school, and they told me that they couldn’t post­pone the exam. So I can­celled it; my money was wasted, but later on I met my cur­rent prin­ci­pal Su­nil Ku­mar at Re­liance Real Es­tate Wer­ribee through a friend, and he en­cour­aged me to make the move into real es­tate.”

Jain was scep­ti­cal at first but af­ter some con­sid­er­a­tion de­cided to give real es­tate a try. The rest, as they say, is his­tory.

“Ini­tially, I was like, ‘Who will buy these big, big num­bers from me?’ I didn’t even know how to write the ze­ros in $400,000 or a mil­lion dol­lars at that time – I had never writ­ten big num­bers like that be­fore.”

But Jain took on the chal­lenge and switched to real es­tate. To­day he is suc­cess­fully list­ing and sell­ing nine to ten prop­er­ties in a month and is on track to make $2 mil­lion in GCI this year.

Jain at­tributes much of his suc­cess to his prin­ci­pal and is thank­ful he made the de­ci­sion to join Tom Panos’ Real Es­tate Gym pro­gram very early in his ca­reer.

“I joined Real Es­tate Gym from day one. When I met Tom af­ter win­ning the My Prospec­tor com­pe­ti­tion I was very emo­tional, be­cause he’s a men­tor for all of us. It felt as though I was get­ting an Os­car!”

Jain says that the Real Es­tate Gym pro­gram helped him to muster the courage to make cold calls and con­vince peo­ple to list their prop­er­ties with his agency.

“I used to do door-knock­ing be­fore, but the thing that worked for me was cold calling. And [in do­ing this] you need to be dif­fer­ent – if you call some­one you need to be very hon­est and you have to win them over by be­ing orig­i­nal.

“You don’t want to sound like a mar­ket­ing call. There are ten dif­fer­ent mar­ket­ing com­pa­nies calling peo­ple, cold calling ev­ery day, from telecom­mu­ni­ca­tion to gas and elec­tric­ity. If you call the same way they’ll just hang up. They might be in­ter­ested in sell­ing but they’ll say, ‘Not in­ter­ested’.”

Jain be­lieves that jot­ting down per­sonal de­tails of the peo­ple he calls goes a long way in help­ing him get list­ings from strangers.

“When­ever I called, I noted down de­tails about the con­ver­sa­tion – for ex­am­ple, how many kids they have – both in my di­ary and my data­base. So the next time I call them I ask them how their three-year-old is do­ing, which makes them feel per­son­alised: this guy re­mem­bers about my kids, or my fam­ily.”

An­other tele­phone tip from Jain is to let po­ten­tial clients know from where you are calling.

“When I call them it doesn’t have to be a mar­ket­ing call, or ‘Do you want to sell your house?’. I just in­tro­duce my­self and say, ‘My name is Taney and I’m calling from Re­liance Real Es­tate on Wat­ton Street’. I say Wat­ton Street be­cause it’s one of the fa­mous streets in a farm area where I live, so peo­ple know it’s a lo­cal per­son and not some­one calling from overseas. I say I am just calling up to see if [they] need some real es­tate ad­vice. If they say yes, I’ll take down their con­tact de­tails, or­gan­ise to meet up or ask them what type of ad­vice they are look­ing for.”

But, as is some­times the case, if these prospects are not will­ing to chat any fur­ther,

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