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Top coach Clau­dio Encina an­swers our reader’s burn­ing real es­tate ques­tions. This is­sue he tack­les the top­ics of lead­er­ship and set­ting ven­dor ex­pec­ta­tions. “You must ad­mit to your faults or mis­takes; be the real deal to re­ceive the trust and re­spect of your team.”

Q.I want to be a bet­ter leader and con­nect bet­ter with my staff. Any tips? – Ben Law­son, Law­son Es­tate Agents Lake Mac­quarie

As a prin­ci­pal, un­der­stand your lead­er­ship style. Some prin­ci­pals have a style that is non­re­la­tional and they are usu­ally seen as no-non­sense lead­ers. Po­si­tional lead­ers of­ten use their po­si­tions to dis­tance them­selves from sub­or­di­nates. High-achiev­ing prin­ci­pals in an of­fice some­times in­tim­i­date their agents by their re­sults. But when prin­ci­pals are re­la­tional, their agents nat­u­rally get closer to them, and that some­times means they may be taken ad­van­tage of.

To con­nect bet­ter with your staff, de­velop au­then­tic re­la­tion­ships by be­ing au­then­tic. You must ad­mit to your faults or mis­takes; be the real deal to re­ceive the trust and re­spect of your team. Ev­ery per­son in your team needs some­one to come along­side them to help them im­prove. As a prin­ci­pal, it is your re­spon­si­bil­ity and priv­i­lege to be the per­son who helps them do that.

Fi­nally, great prin­ci­pals are ‘car­ing and can­did’. Care without can­dour cre­ates a dys­func­tional re­la­tion­ship. Can­dour without care cre­ates re­sent­ment. Your aim is to have a bal­anced, car­ing and can­did re­la­tion­ship to cre­ate a solid rap­port. So, know your lead­er­ship style and be au­then­tic to be val­ued and trusted.

Q.How can I close the gap with ven­dor ex­pec­ta­tions? Sarah Bourke, Di Jones


Also known as the ex­pec­ta­tion meet­ing. This lays the foun­da­tion be­fore the first open home and should be set up a few days prior to that date. The key ar­eas to fo­cus on in this meet­ing are bench­marks: How many con­tracts do you ex­pect to be re­quested af­ter the first open home? How many buy­ers through the first in­spec­tion? How many buy­ers re­quest­ing a sec­ond in­spec­tion and level of price guide feed­back? Fi­nally, ex­plain that some­times the first of­fer can be the best of­fer, es­pe­cially in a chang­ing mar­ket.


Aim to have the meet­ings in your of­fice if pos­si­ble; pull your ven­dors away from the com­fort zone of their home. Dis­cuss each week the progress on the sale of their prop­erty by re­view­ing and analysing the bench­marks men­tioned above. This will al­low you to make any rec­om­men­da­tions for price ad­just­ments or change the sales strat­egy based on facts and ev­i­dence from the bench­marks. Book your ven­dor meet­ings at the set-to-sell meet­ing, weekly for auc­tions and fort­nightly for pri­vate treaty sales.


If you want to cre­ate in­flu­ence, if you want to move peo­ple to­wards ac­tion, it’s not about ma­nip­u­la­tion; it’s about cre­at­ing a log­i­cal, clean, per­sua­sive case that moves peo­ple to­wards ac­tion. To build a per­sua­sive case that is log­i­cal you must sup­port it with facts and ev­i­dence. Well- con­structed weekly ven­dor re­ports, sup­ported with vi­su­als such as a price/buyer feed­back graph, can in­crease the de­liv­ery of your mes­sage.


This where all the key in­di­ca­tors are sum­marised af­ter three to four weeks of the sales cam­paign from web hits, buyer feed­back, sim­i­lar prop­er­ties on the mar­ket, just sold and in com­pe­ti­tion cur­rently to their prop­erty. In­clude a rec­om­men­da­tion plan mov­ing for­ward for the lead-up to the auc­tion or pri­vate treaty sale.


Af­ter your re­serve meet­ing, fol­low up with an email sum­maris­ing all the points from the meet­ing. This will re­in­force and reaf­firm ev­ery­thing that should hap­pen on auc­tion day, with no hid­den sur­prises for the ven­dor.

Good struc­ture and frame­work are key to sales in 2018! •

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