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SUC­CESS IS NOT al­ways mea­sured in dol­lars: many of us feel most ful­filled when what we do on a daily ba­sis meets our high­est val­ues. How­ever, to achieve our goals we all need to con­nect with other peo­ple. Here are some sim­ple short­cuts to de­velop deeper con­nec­tions in three are­nas: the pro­fes­sional, per­sonal and pri­vate the­atres of our lives.

SUC­CESS, HOW­EVER WE DE­FINE IT, is not a solo per­for­mance. We need to con­nect with oth­ers to ob­tain the out­comes we seek in the 3 Ps: our pro­fes­sional, per­sonal and pri­vate lives, as per­for­mance coach Rik Rush­ton ex­plains.


I don’t have to be your friend to work with you, but I do have to con­nect at some level. So how can I do that? There are sev­eral things to re­mem­ber in or­der to achieve this con­nec­tion.

Peo­ple are not their be­hav­iours! Of­ten they are re­spond­ing out of an emo­tional chal­lenge. Tune in to that chal­lenge and, by dis­play­ing em­pa­thy, you will en­hance your rap­port and deepen your re­la­tion­ship with col­leagues.

Peo­ple don’t like sur­prises and pre­fer to en­gage with oth­ers who are ‘just like them’, so by un­der­stand­ing the per­son­al­ity traits and trig­gers of col­leagues you will know how best to con­nect and col­lab­o­rate with them.

Show­ing up is the job half done. Con­nec­tion and col­lab­o­ra­tion with oth­ers is where it’s at, so copy oth­ers in when­ever you can (‘Email CC’ is con­nec­tion 101).

‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ is the lan­guage of those work­places stuck in the com­fort zone. If it ain’t broke it’s prob­a­bly ob­so­lete! Be a work­place ‘dis­rupter’ in a pos­i­tive sense; chal­lenge the sta­tus quo, and progress your team and or­gan­i­sa­tion.

If there’s di­a­logue in your work­place start­ing with ‘What the com­pany needs to do is….’, you need to cor­rect that in your­self

I don’t have to be your friend to work with you, but I do have to con­nect at some level.

and col­leagues to ‘What our com­pany can do to im­prove is….’. And re­mem­ber, it’s not ‘the com­pany’; it’s ‘our com­pany’.


Suc­cess in this area is all about work/ life bal­ance. When you’re at work… work! When you’re at home, it’s ‘fam­ily first’. Don’t mix the two. Let your fam­ily know that your pro­fes­sional arena is not your life but that it funds your life­style.

What we do here and who we are here is more im­por­tant than money. ‘What is it I do that makes you know I love you?’ is a great ques­tion to ask on the home front. In fact, your abil­ity to de­liver emo­tional di­a­logue may just be the most im­por­tant lead­er­ship, par­ent­ing and ‘self-lead­er­ship’ skill you can de­velop.


Get your head in the game – it’s all about per­spec­tive. Go­ing the ex­tra mile is the cost of be­com­ing a master com­mu­ni­ca­tor and con­nec­tor, and it starts in your headspace.

Any day above ground is a great day to con­nect with my­self and oth­ers. How­ever, just turn­ing up or ‘di­alling in’ is not OK in the pro­fes­sional or per­sonal are­nas. Re­mem­ber, en­ergy is ev­ery­thing – so ask your­self, ‘Am I ready to give the best ver­sion of me to­day?’.

It’s OK to drop the ball; we all have bad mo­ments. It’s not OK to do noth­ing about it. Re­assess quickly and re­turn to the bet­ter ver­sion of you.

My ad­vice is start each day with key out­comes you seek in each of the three ‘P Are­nas’. What’s a key Pro­fes­sional out­come I can achieve to­day? What’s the best out­come for the Per­sonal arena I can ac­com­plish to­day? What’s the gift I can give my­self to­day in the Pri­vate arena?

Out­comes are more im­por­tant than ac­tiv­i­ties. You can tick off ev­ery­thing on your to-do list and still go home feel­ing like you haven’t achieved any­thing of real pur­pose. So start mea­sur­ing your day by out­comes in the three P Are­nas, not ac­tiv­i­ties.

These strate­gies are cov­ered in greater de­tail in my book, The Power of Con­nec­tion: How to be­come a master com­mu­ni­ca­tor in your work­place, in your headspace and at your place.

In it we ex­plore the full sub­ject of com­mu­ni­ca­tion, col­lab­o­ra­tion and deeper con­nec­tions with oth­ers in your work­place and, more im­por­tantly, at ‘your place’. There are seven easy-to-read (and even eas­ier to im­ple­ment) tools that you can use start­ing now to im­prove the qual­ity of your con­nec­tions, com­mu­ni­ca­tion and, ul­ti­mately, of your life. •

Rik Rush­ton has been a peak per­for­mance coach, plat­form speaker, con­fer­ence em­cee and trusted ad­vi­sor to many of the lead­ing brands, or­gan­i­sa­tions and pro­fes­sional sports teams through­out Aus­trala­sia since 1995.

Any day above ground is a great day to con­nect with my­self and oth­ers.

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