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I wanted an au­to­mated process for my busi­ness for bet­ter ef­fi­ciency.

IN A HIGHLY COM­PET­I­TIVE IN­DUS­TRY such as real es­tate, in­di­vid­ual agents, agen­cies and fran­chise groups are con­stantly seek­ing ways to gain an edge on their com­peti­tors. A new au­to­mated process for man­ag­ing list­ings could be the an­swer, says Evan Broad­bent.

Find­ing and im­ple­ment­ing new pro­cesses can ben­e­fit agents sig­nif­i­cantly, not only through in­creased rev­enues or mar­gins but of­ten by pro­vid­ing their clients with a bet­ter level of service, cost sav­ings or – even bet­ter – both.

Cur­rently most agen­cies use a CRM soft­ware that as­sists them in the list­ing and sell­ing process. This type of soft­ware has come a long way in re­cent years and pro­vides a great tool in the day-to-day op­er­a­tions of run­ning a pro­fes­sional real es­tate agency and man­ag­ing their valu­able data­bases.

Al­though agen­cies can dif­fer in their prop­erty list­ing pro­cesses and pro­ce­dures, broadly speak­ing most would go about it as fol­lows: Prop­erty is listed. Sign, pho­tos, floor plan and video booked. Styling and ad script done. Ad­ver­tis­ing space booked. Even­tu­ally we are ready to load it all into our soft­ware sys­tem to go to mar­ket.

Al­though my brief de­scrip­tion of the process makes it sound rel­a­tively straight­for­ward, that is not al­ways the case. It can con­sume hours of pre­cious time, at con­sid­er­able ex­pense to your client and some­times to yourself or your agency.

So the prop­erty gets loaded into your CRM sys­tem and au­to­mat­i­cally up­loads to the ma­jor por­tals, al­low­ing you to email mar­ket the prop­erty to your rel­e­vant data­base. Then bingo! A buyer from your data­base re­ceives the email, finds it matches their buy­ing cri­te­ria, ar­ranges an in­spec­tion and ul­ti­mately buys the prop­erty. The list­ing and sale process worked seam­lessly as it should, and you sold the prop­erty as you were em­ployed to do. Great re­sult, right? Or was it? This was hap­pen­ing in my of­fice and I would en­vis­age it hap­pens on a daily ba­sis in real es­tate agen­cies across our nation. Al­though it seems log­i­cal to be happy about each sale, I wasn’t. We al­ready had the buyer in our data­base when we listed the prop­erty. We spent hours get­ting the prop­erty to mar­ket, at con­sid­er­able ex­pense to our client, and time-wise to us. The in­ef­fi­ciency of this method frus­trated me im­mensely; I saw this as a ma­jor flaw in the process and a prob­lem that needed fix­ing.

Yes, you could ar­gue that in­di­vid­ual agents need to man­age their data­base bet­ter and con­tact buy­ers reg­u­larly, up­dat­ing them about newly listed prop­er­ties that may in­ter­est them. This would still not be enough for me; I wanted an au­to­mated process for my busi­ness for bet­ter ef­fi­ciency, and the re­moval of hu­man er­ror caused by poor data­base man­age­ment.

An au­to­mated process would also pro­vide an op­por­tu­nity to bet­ter service our buy­ers, who yearn for early no­ti­fi­ca­tions of prop­erty list­ings to in­crease their chance of pur­chas­ing a prop­erty they want. Not to men­tion that bet­ter ser­vic­ing your buy­ers is a suc­cess­ful long-term ven­dor prospect­ing strat­egy.

Quick­ now solves this

prob­lem for us and has made our of­fice far more ef­fi­cient. It al­lows us to in­stantly upload prop­er­ties to the site with the in­for­ma­tion avail­able. This in­for­ma­tion is also the cri­te­ria buy­ers search with: Prop­erty type, ad­dress, num­ber of bed­rooms, bath­rooms and car spa­ces, and price or method of sale. The sys­tem then au­to­mat­i­cally alerts matched buy­ers who have reg­is­tered to re­ceive alerts.

Theresa May, the UK Prime Min­is­ter, re­cently said, “I will be ruth­less in cut­ting out waste, stream­lin­ing struc­tures and im­prov­ing ef­fi­ciency”. Theresa runs a coun­try, not just a busi­ness. It’s a rea­son­able as­sump­tion, then, that she would ap­prove.

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