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How can you au­to­mate your work­flow? The app stack that you're us­ing to­day is great for now, but what other parts of the work­flow process can you im­prove? One of our clients has au­to­mated the list­ing process. When he en­ters the ap­point­ment in his di­ary us­ing LAP at the start of the ap­point­ment ti­tle, that trig­gers in Za­pier to start a process in Process St, which then also trig­gers a di­rect mes­sage in Slack to his ad­min­is­tra­tive as­sis­tant to pre­pare the re­cent sales data. It's sim­ple but shows you how you can im­prove work­flow.

User adop­tion still mat­ters Peo­ple hate change when it hap­pens to them, but they love change when they are a part of it. Think be­fore you bring that next app to the sales meet­ing, and ask some sim­ple ques­tions: 1. What's the prob­lem we're try­ing to solve and is it worth solv­ing? 2. What's the vi­sion for what it will look like fixed? 3. Who will it im­pact? And how do we cham­pion their pas­sion for the prob­lem? 4. What's our ac­tion plan to im­ple­ment? 5. Do it.

This is a pro­foundly hu­man busi­ness am­pli­fied by the use of tech­nol­ogy that works. It should speed you up, not slow you down. Clunky sys­tems are just that. De­sign from a mo­bile­first ap­proach, and watch your busi­ness thrive.

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