Elite Agent - - EDITOR'S LETTER -

How would you de­scribe your re­la­tion­ship with tech? Some peo­ple have a love/hate re­la­tion­ship with tech, mine is def­i­nitely a love!

PC or Mac? PC. Def­i­nitely more suited for true busi­ness ap­pli­ca­tions over­all.

iPhone or An­droid? An­droid. I like the flex­i­bil­ity of the plat­form and have a bet­ter ex­pe­ri­ence with the Google ecosys­tem.

Three apps you can't live with­out? Slack Be­ing a tech com­pany it's al­most de rigueur to have this col­laboration tool. Hav­ing said that, the time and cost sav­ings to have all your busi­ness units and team con­ver­sa­tions at your fin­ger­tips are in­cal­cu­la­ble. I could never work us­ing only email again. Email I don't think I have to ex­plain the ben­e­fits of be­ing able to re­spond to client emails from any­where. Chrome In­stant ac­cess to any­thing from any­where. Knowl­edge is power.

What piece of fu­ture tech are you most look­ing for­ward to? I am look­ing for­ward to con­tex­tual voice search/in­ter­ac­tions us­ing AI and ma­chine learn­ing. #Bring­back­HAL9000.

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