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SO HERE WE have it: Elite Prop­erty Man­ager. It was in­evitable that we would even­tu­ally force our way out of the back pages of Elite Agent, and it’s great to be breath­ing the fresh and ex­clu­sively prop­erty man­age­ment air.

Trav­el­ling around the coun­try I find my­self spend­ing a lot of time on planes. More of­ten than not I pull out the lap­top and get stuck into a power ses­sion of work (I was like a kid at Christ­mas when I dis­cov­ered Wi-Fi on an Emi­rates flight last month – nudge, nudge, Vir­gin). But af­ter a long, emo­tion-charged day in Mel­bourne re­cently I de­cided to de­bunk my brain and watch a doc­u­men­tary on the pro­duc­tion of cloth­ing across the globe.

De­bunk it did not, but dis­cover I did! Have you ever thought how many peo­ple and busi­nesses around the world touch one piece of cloth­ing? We are in­creas­ingly con­cerned about the pro­duc­tion of cheap cloth­ing in, say Bangladesh, but guess what? The T-shirt may only have been sewn in Bangladesh, while the ori­gins of its other com­po­nents come from many other places.

Where was the cot­ton grown, washed, coloured and spun? Where was the fab­ric de­signed and pro­duced? Where was the gar­ment de­signed and the pat­tern cre­ated? Repli­cate this process across the pro­duc­tion of the cot­ton that is used to sew the T-shirt to­gether, and we haven’t even started on the cloth­ing tag and pack­ag­ing. There are many facets that go into mak­ing a sim­ple piece of cloth­ing, just as there are so many dif­fer­ent el­e­ments that go into mak­ing this mag­a­zine that you now hold. As the Guest Editor of this Pre­miere Edi­tion of Elite Prop­erty Man­ager, I have now ex­pe­ri­enced how big a job this is!

The mag­a­zine you hold is the cre­ation of our ‘global in­dus­try’, and rep­re­sen­ta­tive of the rapid pace at which

progress is made. Less than 12 months since the launch of Elite Agent Mag­a­zine, Sa­man­tha McLean took some reader feed­back on board to cre­ate this mag­a­zine. It took many, many con­ver­sa­tions and a great deal of sup­port from in­dus­try par­tic­i­pants to turn the idea of a sep­a­rate pub­li­ca­tion for prop­erty man­age­ment pro­fes­sion­als into a re­al­ity. Spon­sors, ad­ver­tis­ers, con­trib­u­tors, prop­erty man­agers, prin­ci­pals, in­dus­try ex­perts, busi­ness gu­rus, graphic de­sign­ers, print­ers, dis­trib­u­tors, ed­i­tors, proof­read­ers and all of their as­so­ci­ated sup­port teams – from around Aus­tralia and in­ter­na­tion­ally – have come to­gether to pro­duce this qual­ity, ed­u­ca­tional mag­a­zine for you and your busi­ness. Like the T-shirt, of course, you may never know ex­actly how many hours or how much ef­fort it has taken. But I am sure once you start read­ing you will, just like the first touch of a new gar­ment, in­stantly iden­tify the qual­ity jump­ing off its pages.

It’s pretty fit­ting for the first edi­tion that Han­nah Gill, a stand­out busi­ness de­vel­op­ment man­ager, is on the cover. She is truly rep­re­sen­ta­tive of the fact that a sus­tain­able busi­ness re­quires a sus­tain­able growth model, and per­haps that is the over­ar­ch­ing prin­ci­ple for this mag­a­zine and your busi­ness. We were well im­pressed with the fact that she also pub­lishes her own mag­a­zine as a mar­ket­ing tool for her busi­ness and her land­lords, while also pro­vid­ing an ad­di­tional rev­enue stream for the com­pany. Imag­ine turn­ing your monthly land­lord/ owner/in­vestor news­let­ter into some­thing rev­enue and profit gen­er­at­ing!

In our of­fice a few weeks ago, the team and I cal­cu­lated how many train­ing ses­sions and peo­ple I touch across a year. In the past 12 months at Real+ we have for­mally in­ter­acted with over 500 of­fices, and I can hon­estly say that ev­ery one of them asked the age-old ques­tion: how many prop­er­ties can a prop­erty man­ager man­age? Check out page 16 as Brock Fisher at­tempts to an­swer that ques­tion; the pres­sure is on!

With ARPM loom­ing, ev­ery­one thinks I am flat strap – and, com­par­a­tively speak­ing, they are prob­a­bly right. How­ever, my goal for this year is to re­move the word ‘busy’ from my vo­cab­u­lary, so when some­one asks how I am, in­stead of say­ing ‘busy’, I say ‘I’m re­ally pro­duc­tive’. It’s ex­cit­ing to be so pro­duc­tive when I get to spend time with our amaz­ing speak­ers; you can catch a glimpse of Marty Wil­son, Cathie Cramp­ton and John Sweeney in this edi­tion. With at­ten­dance grow­ing year on year and another pro­gram I am un­be­liev­ably proud of, I know you will get a lot out of at­tend­ing this event. Visit to book.

On read­ing this first edi­tion of Elite Prop­erty Man­ager, I think you’ll quickly form the view that this mag­a­zine must be read by ev­ery­one in your of­fice. I’d go as far as to say it’s com­pul­sory. With tips on how to deal with the mar­ket, let­ting go of prob­lem land­lords, reach­ing the epiphany of zero ar­rears, and plenty of real prop­erty man­ager sto­ries (see

The Chal­lenge of Change on p32 ) with­out a doubt you’ve got a prop­erty man­age­ment hand­book right here.

By the way, if you’re keen to keep your learn­ing all in one place, may I rec­om­mend the iPad? Us­ing this tool you will be able to down­load this mag­a­zine as an app, and if you are a Real+ user I will also be able to lend a hand when­ever you need one, all on the same handy de­vice!

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