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Manag­ing Di­rec­tor, Bench­mark PM

What is the mar­ket like in your area? In the past few years Perth has gone from boom to de­pressed, but the rental mar­ket has started to sta­bilise in 2018.

What is one thing you've quit do­ing since Trans­form? Plod­ding along. I'm more fo­cused on goals and how to get there, rather than let­ting my days come and go.

What's your big­gest take­away from the pro­gram? I had many spin-off ideas from the dis­cus­sions and top­ics. Just how quickly the tech is evolv­ing which we will use as tools for de­liv­er­ing our premium ser­vice was a big take­away. I no longer fear it – I’m ex­cited about it.

How did you fit ev­ery­thing in dur­ing the chal­lenge? Bal­ance is how to best fit in what you want to do. I'm a mum of two high-en­ergy boys... I don't so much mul­ti­task as do what needs to be done in pri­or­ity order, con­stantly.

What is your next goal? My next goal is to ex­e­cute all my ideas and take­aways. Specif­i­cally, im­prove ef­fi­ciency in our of­fice. I will def­i­nitely do Trans­form again! I can't wait!

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