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Ever wonder what fit­ness train­ers ac­tu­ally think when you stroll in late or check your texts be­tween reps? We do, so we asked. Here are their un­fil­tered re­sponses

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We find out what your fit­ness trainer is re­ally think­ing.

WE PICK UP ON YOUR EN­ERGY “Train­ers pride them­selves on cre­at­ing an en­vi­ron­ment that mem­bers look for­ward to be­ing in, but there are def­i­nitely a few things that can kill the vibe, in­clud­ing not be­ing punc­tual, talk­ing dur­ing in­tro­duc­tion and tech­nique ex­pla­na­tion, not fol­low­ing in­struc­tions or not be­ing present in the ses­sion, such as show­ing body lan­guage like you don’t want to be there,” says Earl. “This kind of be­hav­iour can quickly fil­ter through the room and neg­a­tively im­pact the ses­sion.”

TRANS­PARENCY IS KEY “If you’re fol­low­ing a pro­gram but not get­ting the ex­pected re­sults due to all those cheeky week­end cock­tails, just be hon­est and tell us,” says Mclean. “Chances are we’ve al­ready guessed what’s go­ing on. ‘Al­ter­na­tive facts’ in fit­ness will get you nowhere.”

IG­NO­RANCE CAN LEAD TO IN­JURY “My favourite is when clients avoid eye con­tact to imply the cue doesn’t ap­ply to them,” says Earl. “I’m a hawk and see ev­ery­thing that goes on in my stu­dio, so if I’m look­ing in your di­rec­tion you know why.”

WE DON’T WANT TO OVERSTEP “Trust me, we’re of­ten just as in­tim­i­dated to ap­proach you as we don’t want to in­ter­rupt your work­out or cor­rect your form with­out per­mis­sion to help,” says Gospel.

KEEP A FRESH FACE “I get dis­cour­aged by clients who in­sist on wear­ing a full face of makeup, as it af­fects how hard they push them­selves,” Mclean ad­mits. “If you’re scared to sweat in case your mas­cara runs or your bronzer comes off on your towel, con­sider pulling back be­cause it’s only hin­der­ing your train­ing.”

SILENT MODE “You don’t need your mo­bile dur­ing class,” says Mclean. “Keep it out of sight to avoid dis­trac­tion. It goes both ways – it’s un­pro­fes­sional for a trainer to check their phone while teach­ing.”

OBNOXIOUS BE­HAV­IOUR DOESN’T GO UN­NO­TICED “There’s noth­ing more frus­trat­ing than peo­ple who skip rope next to some­one ly­ing down stretch­ing or charge past do­ing walk­ing lunges with a bar­bell, mak­ing ev­ery­one duck for safety,” Gospel says. “Be con­sid­er­ate of those around you.”

CHECK THE MIR­ROR “Some ac­tivewear is just plain see-through,” warns Gospel. “I would never tell a stranger walk­ing through the gym that I can see their pink polka-dot undies un­der their pants, but I wish I could!”

SAVE THE NIKE AIR MAX FOR STREET STYLE “Wear­ing the cor­rect footwear and bra con­trib­ute to your train­ing and help avoid in­jury,” Mclean says. “Cute, strappy bras and high-in­ten­sity train­ing just don’t mix.”

THE OB­VI­OUS IS WORTH RE­PEAT­ING “Not wear­ing deodor­ant or try­ing to get one more go out of yes­ter­day’s gym gear is a big no-no,” says Gospel. “We all get stinky, so please, pack deodor­ant and wear a fresh kit ev­ery day.”

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