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You don’t need harsh prod­ucts to pu­rify your skin. Clear im­per­fec­tions gen­tly with nat­u­ral ac­tive in­gre­di­ents.

Do you have sen­si­tive skin that’s also prone to spots and break­outs? You’re not alone. Forty per cent of Aus­tralian women be­tween the ages of 15-34 say they suf­fer from sen­si­tive skin with im­per­fec­tions^. But lay­ers of harsh prod­ucts aren’t the key to a clear com­plex­ion. Soothe and pu­rify ir­ri­tated skin with prod­ucts en­riched with nat­u­ral ac­tives, which work to elim­i­nate im­pu­ri­ties and re­duce spots with­out dry­ing out skin. Get fresh, healthy and ra­di­ant skin in three sim­ple steps.


En­riched with zinc and witch-hazel, this hy­poal­ler­genic and ph­bal­anced cleanser pu­ri­fies the skin to re­duce im­per­fec­tions, with­out dry­ing it out. Anti-blem­ish Soap-free Gel Wash, RRP $11.95

Pu­ri­fy­ing zinc vis­i­bly re­duces pim­ples and marks with­out dry­ing out skin, while witch-hazel soothes and com­forts sen­si­tive skin. NAT­U­RAL AC­TIVES:

FRESH FIN­ISH: With witch-hazel and zinc, this mois­turiser hy­drates for 24 hours, work­ing to di­min­ish spots and leave no greasi­ness or stick­i­ness. Anti-blem­ish Sooth­ing Mois­turiser, RRP $11.95


Thanks to sal­i­cylic acid, this next-gen gel toner vis­i­bly tight­ens pores, while hy­drat­ing and sooth­ing to leave skin soft but never stripped. Anti-blem­ish Gen­tle Toner, RRP $11.95

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